Split Seal Series LPH 5050

Series LPH 5050 is a unique design with minimum components for assembling the seal and allow user to install the seal in minimum time. The multi spring design keep the faces uniformely in contact. The split seal face is balanced covered with split O-Ring as a sealing member. Slots provided in the housing facilitates fitting the seal on various equipments
with different PCDs.

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Standard Style:

  • Face Materials:
  • Carbon / Silicon Carbide
  • Carbon / Ceramic
  • Metal Parts:
  • SS 316, SS 304
  • Secondary Seal:
  • Elastomers


  • Utility Pumps
  • Transfer Pumps
  • Agitator and Vessels (As Dry Running Seal)

Seal Characteristics:

  • Fully Split Components
  • Ease of Installation
  • Balanced Seal Faces

Operating Limits:

  • Shaft Diameter d : 50....200 mm
  • Pressure p : 15 bar (max)
  • Temperature t : Amb.... 1400 C
  • Shaft speed : 3600 rpm (max)

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